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In this exclusive interview, we speak with Ragnhild Jacobsson, the visionary founder of The Perfect World Foundation. Read about their journey, the foundation's mission, and the inspiring collaboration between TPWF and Caroline Svedbom to protect endangered species and promote environmental sustainability...

What inspired you to establish The Perfect World Foundation, and what is the mission behind it?

When I was traveling to some amazing places around the world, it made me realize that our world is rapidly changing and is far from perfect. Being born north of the Arctic Circle, I have always felt a deep connection to nature. The loss of wildlife, nature, and biodiversity due to human impact is visible in all areas of our world, and we are all responsible for taking action.


Over the years, I have come to understand that this is a lifelong commitment. The problems we face are growing, and that’s a hard truth, but we can never give up on working towards a better and more sustainable world.

Can you share any specific projects or initiatives that will benefit from the proceeds of this collaboration with ”Beyond the Blue Collection”?

The Perfect World Foundation (TPWF), through this generous donation and collaboration with 'Beyond the Blue Collection,' will host local cleanup events around the world. These events are more than just about picking up trash; they are about bringing communities together to directly observe the impact of plastic waste on our oceans, marine life, and fragile ecosystems.


In one particular initiative in Mombasa, Kenya, TPWF engages schoolchildren in collecting plastic waste, while also offering them the opportunity to dive and learn about the significance of marine conservation and the effects of plastic debris on marine wildlife.


I believe that teaching young people to appreciate nature through firsthand experience and to understand the principles of ocean conservation is one of the most effective strategies for combating future climate change and the destruction of oceanic environments.

 What advice would you give to individuals who want to make a positive impact on environmental issues but may not know where to start?

You don't need to be a scientist or perfect to start making an impact; start where you are and remember that every small action can make a difference. You can make choices in your everyday life, like avoiding single-use plastic, educating those around you, supporting grassroots projects, or simply backing TPWF — and we'll take action on your behalf.

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable success story or impactful moment that you've experienced while working with the foundation?

TPWF has helped with lots of different projects over the years, big and small. One important thing is clear: the size of the action isn't what really matters. I would say that every single moment of contribution feels like a triumph.  It feels good to save a turtle that has lost a flipper, or a manta ray caught in a ghost net, and it's inspiring or facilitating the return of two beluga whales to the wild from captivity. All of these things give me hope and the energy to keep doing this work.

Looking ahead, what are some of the future goals or projects that The Perfect World Foundation is focusing on?

We’ve set a goal to team up with 500 grassroots projects around the world through 'Biodiversity 500,' where we aim to become a bridge between companies, sponsors, or donors to ensure that donations and actions create the best possible impact. With 1 million species currently at risk of extinction, we need to work across a broad spectrum to support as many areas as possible.

Lastly, which is your favorite piece from the new collection?

The new collection is really amazing, and choosing just one favorite is tough. But if I must pick, I'd definitely go for the "Fallen Sea Star Earrings." It's perfect for any summer event, whether you're at the beach or at a fancy gala. It works with everything!